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SFF: Escape from the Temple

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Nice little two hour adventure.


1. Escape from Captivity (a horse drawn cart)
2. Half-Orc hassles the merchant
3. Half-Orc threatens to destroy a town
4. Adventurers banned from Town
5. Half-Orc loses a sword (taken by a friend)
6. Forest Hike
7. Thieves raid on the forest hikers
8. Thieves disabled
9. Setting up camp, but a camp interrupted
10. The druidic gnoll puts out the fire
11. A gnoll defeated, and a camp for another day…

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SSF : Ruins in the Forest

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Our bold heroes having learned from a wayward merchant of adventure to be had in the looming creep of the woods to the north, set forth. Almost immediately, the Half-Orc and his human companion came upon blood-thirsty barbarians, sharpening their wares. The Half-Orc leapt into a bloody rampage immediately, without care for thought, dispatching the un-named barbarians. Discovering a small coin box filled to the top of gold and copper, the duo found their inspiration to continue to plod into the treacherous forest.

The Half-Orc, having caught scent of fear, plowed far ahead of his priestly friend, leaping atop the scattered stone remains of a civilization swept away by time. There, he stood, until his companion caught up as his deadly eyes sized up a great ruin hidden in the forest, covered by the growth of many years. Before the priest could catch her breath after catching up with her much taller friend, the Half-Orc dashed up into the ruins, only to catch the attention of well over two dozen guardians of the ruins.

The swarming watchers of the ruins descended upon them and the battle began…

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