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D20 online game tools

January 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Still searching for a number of one-off web based utilities that would enrich my life and in this journey I’ve found Penny-Arcade thread on d20 online game tools. Then there’s this idea of running a game session with a monolithic device from the stone age called a laptop. I suppose these four ideas are sort of what I was thinking, but not really. DonJon is really, really close with this gallery of stuff.

I’m not quite finding all the little pieces that I’m thinking I’d like to use in this experimental style of play that’s running through my head. No one really cares about that but me though, so back to the links and the links, right?

This rpa roleplaying software is neat in terms of the screenshots and in terms of feature capabilities. But, that’s a bit more icony and overloadish than what I’m thinking would be practical for keeping a game moving in a pretty expedient manner. Players aren’t a big fan of the commercial breaks. I subscribe to the firehose theory of GMing to facilitate mental overload.

By the yet-to-be-determined gods, I love this one. This. More of stuff like this. Simple, one click, things happen.

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Setting notes

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Magic is rare in the world and the world at large has lost it’s store of knowledge during an event known collectively as the Great Horror. Great Libraries have gone missing, as have entire civilizations, cities and even continents. With knowledge gone, few even know of the details of the Great Horror. Some assume it to be a war, others a plague, and some whisper that it was a bet gone wrong amongst the gods.

Three moons circle the sky and once a month they achieve what is known as the Vibrance, which is when the reflection of the sun causes a brilliance of colors across three distinct moons and the horizon to create a tropical wonder in the sky.

Divination and the priestly arts are done in secret. Anyone caught possessing these skills are considered dangerous. None know where the captured priests go, but none are heard from again. Most assume the gallows.

There are no major cities and even the villages are now at risk of plague and extinction from a lack of basic sanitation. In short, the world ended and has begun anew. There is a resilient optimism to the people of the world that have survived the Great Horror. While villages are rebuilt and rumors of the wars of long ago have become stories of myth. The greater evils of the land now take the form of the rawest form – of thieves, bandits and murderers.

Some say magic still exists, buried deep and others claim it lies at rest within the heart. Regardless, the need to eat, for shelter, and for relative safety are the principle drivers now of the people left behind from the Great Horror.

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January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m mulling over some puzzles to include in the next session. I’ll likely just do the one to start with to get an idea of of difficulty. The players requested more intellectual game play over the hack and slash, and I’m a flexibly guy.

So, my general thought right now is that I’ll post the puzzle and the solution here on the blog as one post to help me think through the kind of puzzles I might want to include in the future.


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