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Experiment E – Evennia

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I had a strange impulse to setup a python based MU* after drinking the Venti house while scanning through pages and pages of future epub content at the megabook. So, I clicked a few buttons and had an EC2 linux server running then after a bit of digging around for a codebase that worked with current versions of the framework dependencies, stumbled upon Evennia. And, in about an hour had everything going, user accounts, ports and all. World in a click. What a new era we live in. Ten years ago I  would have had to actually build some boxes. Yet, here I was, in a new virtual plane of existence.

Experiment E is complete.

It too has failed to address the fundamental situation that I attempted to articulate here in the post on the humble tabletop laboratory. So, now I could open my notebook up and attempt to try again, to find yet another path that won’t end up in the epic fail category. Not that Evennia isn’t solid — it just isn’t what I’m specifically looking for. As a MU* solution, it has something few, if any modern MU* frameworks has and that’s active updates.

It did satisfy the strange impulse and I plan on leaving the MU* up. That way if I get the itch again, I’ve got somewhere to go.

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