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Weekend ends, but the sun still rises tomorrow

I’m in the midst of birthing an idea. It’s so unusual to experience one so rich in it’s details that I felt compelled to blog about it, like a proud father. Anyone familiar with the torturous writing and atrocity that I inflict upon the writ language should just leave now, but an inner glee champions a funny truth – there’s but one reader here, and that’s me. So why apologize?

The idea I feel myself stitching together is born of a crash course in media tonight. About how we now use technology to augment our memories, to create a kind of eternal long-term storage. About how players demand never ending (and free) content. How the free to play model is destroying close communities, or evolving them to something new. The sheer brilliance of seth godin, Ted, and the inescapable diversions over at IGN. Everything from post-labor economies to kittens in minecraft. Soak in the universe and let the brain figure it all out.

A strange musing at one point in the day today to build up a content oriented title where the content was fused by a timer. That is, the world shifted in time and was elastic to respond to players. And then, I began to realize something: we use our digital devices to store ourselves for later retrieval. Photos, movies, content. Experiences that define our prismatic identities. That’s the kind of experiment I need to invoke: one where the player engages in an activity that creates an artifact that can be consumed in a later time to create a specific reaction.

I’m pondering a few prior projects, some that were very close to this idea that I long since abandoned. I need to return to these ideas, mix them up more, but also drastically simplify and shorten the complete time to market. Is there anything that fits within these broad parameters that can be tackled by one person, in their free time — of which is in drastically short supply? A positive affirmation is often not enough for the drooling savagery of the truth.

Yet, I still wrestle internally with the fiery demon; although I think water can be tossed upon it. That we leverage the digital real to store our experiences and the shock claim is that we no longer remember; it is a certain truth that any experience we undergo for a second time is one that takes a priority position in our conscious. At least for a short time. A world filled with a narrative of fictional accounts is likely no different than one without, in the long view of time.

There’s surely a way to strike deep within the frontiers of the surreal mind of our prismatic identity via the fine waters of a strange interaction, to sail along the great sea of the infinite and at a moment’s touch. I’ll continue to search this frontier and this truth, with the meek tools available to me, until either I turn weary of the activity or something easier calls for my attention. It would be nice to solve this, to find a way to reach into the mass of the pools of thought, and cast forth the possibilities of all that can and all that is. So, just maybe.

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