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Inevitable end of this blog, Any Post Now

This blog is likely to reach an inevitable end at any moment now. I say that based on the sheer volume of search results that I’ve peeled apart now over the last two days and the end game for the multitude of sites that are, really, just like this one. If I didn’t know better (and I don’t, because as I’ve stated before, I’m not the smartest guy in the room here), I’d say this statement that blogging is dead and everyone is on social now might be onto something. I know I’ve had folks ask me to just do twitter, to you know, cut the crap of my posts down to 140 characters of meandering.

Still, I don’t see social as principally a useful vehicle for the organized sharing of information. It’s more like going to the pool hall. That, and like blogging at large, it’s banned by just about every major corporation I’ve been in over the last five years or so. That’s probably had more of an influence than anything.

It could also be that maybe blogs just don’t have their place in the sun any more. I only started this one up to organize some thoughts about the campaign I’m running. So, I’ll continue using this as a tool for that purpose until I feel that it isn’t doing the job. I’ve sort of hijacked the original purpose of the blog to have some musings about higher ordered game conversations, but that’s just for my own benefit. There’s no reason I couldn’t resort back to a notebook for it. Seems like just the act of writing all this crap out clears my mind to think about some things I don’t normally think about. As an example, that I missed the memo that blogging is dead.

This is a sentiment that many, many bloggers appear to be sharing though – the sentiment that web 2.0 cannibalized bloggers. Now everyone has shortened the expression of their lives to 140 characters and automatic updates. I suppose that’s to be expected, but it seems like that kind of makes one missing something in the whole deal.

I almost bought into this post that blogging wasn’t and isn’t dead, since it was done here this month. Except the number of comments are telling (at the time of this writing that would be zero). So, yeah, I can probably safely write about whatever the flip I want because, well, no one is going to read this. That’s a bonus. On the other side, it also means the clock is ticking before I shut this blog down. Nifty.

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