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Lunch thinking about campaign books and boxes

I love campaign books and boxes. They artistically are amazing creations in their scope and intent at best and at worst you get a feel for what not to do. My trouble is that my players, usually right out the gate, do something foolish enough to completely obliterate the purpose for the set. How many dungeon sets do I own that have gone unexplored?

Towns? Worlds?

Now some referees like to put strict boundaries on the players. So if someone wants to see what happens if they set fire to the ward, well, one authority says, “no, because of x”. I like to see where the players are going with it though, which means the playspace is less game and really more like collaborative fictioneering.

What’s a real shame is the value of these sets appears to decline about the same rate as an auto. One never hears of million dollar campaign settings unless you are talking development budgets.

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