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Grumpy on Crafting and Itemization

The approaches I’ve seen for crafting haven’t really settled too well with me. I just think forcing players to tap their XP pool to create an item with a finite life span is rather silly. I’m also not a huge fan of the point systems because they’re just not as interesting to the group and make it a bit more challenging for group related play.

Something I think is good for the group is to just leverage the combat mechanics in item creation. So, instead of fighting a brigand with an AC of 15, the players are collaborating to craft a polished sword using their crafting tools and available domain. Completion of the item is to reduce the raw materials down to “0 hp” essentially. The item does strike back, so it is possible for the players to “lose”. Meaning, the raw materials evaporate.

So I’m likely to lean down that road for crafting and my plan is to integrate crafting as part of the character’s stories as they experience the world. The bigger challenge beyond crafting is itemization. That’s a real buggarboo for me. I really dislike the concept of “well it’s in this book so it must be available in any ol’ town” type concept. Further, as a grumpy old GM, I tend to make merchants a bit rare beyond the standard – innkeep, bartender, courtesan, etc.

Still, these days my mobile could open up the concept of real time itemization. Setting up a little generator on a webpage takes a few hours to get started, so I’m wondering how much of the books can I just replace with a tablet and access to a webpage. That could smooth out the game experience overall.

It’s a musing.

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